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Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 10:27 PM

Old Siren Enabling

Anyone have a PDF for the siren for the last generation of SS?   I pressed the button on back of siren 5 times and disabled it a while back.  Today I decided to put batteries back in it and couldn't find manual.   Put in new batteries then I pressed the button on back of siren 5 times again and got two beeps, I think when I disabled it earlier it did one beep.  Anyway then I held the siren button in and entered code three times keypad, on second entry of code siren beeped.  It appears to be working fine, but would like manual as my memory isn't all that great and I may not have done things right.  Just took a chance, decided if it took five times to disable, maybe five times to enable?  As I said seems to be working, but I can't seem to find a PDF on SS web site.

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4 years ago

Bottom of this page:

Found that by clicking on "Live Help" at the bottom, then "User Manual" on the next page.  Yes, that's ridiculous!

Or directly:  https://simplisafe.com/files/ss_ws_manual.pdf

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4 years ago

Thanks, I will save that document.  It didn't say how to enable after disabling, but holding for 5 seconds seems to re-enable.  Also, I have noticed I got the beep after entering code 2 times, still went ahead and did a third time anyway.  

Thought about upgrading, but this system does all I need and works well enough.

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4 years ago

^ please be sure to test it with a real alarm.  Have your keyfob handy, or, right next to a keypad so you can turn it off quickly when it sounds an alarm.  You truly want to know it's working correctly, so arm your system, open a door or window, wait for the alarm/siren to sound, then turn off right away with your keyfob or by entering your PIN on the keypad.
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