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Monday, September 4th, 2023 3:30 PM

No sound from base station

When we first installed the system in 2015, whenever a door was opened or the alarm set for "HOME" we would either get a chime or "alarm home".  I'm no longer getting any notification from my base station.  When I "refresh" the system on-line, the base station is silent.  Any ideas????

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9 months ago

Hi @fhutch150 ,

At first I thought it was perhaps you may have accidentally turned off the Voice Prompts setting in the SimpliSafe app (under Menu > My System > General Settings). But the Voice Prompt and Entry Chime are actually two separate settings, which reduces the likelihood of both being switched off by accident.

It's possible that your Base Station's internal speaker may have been damaged. The bad news is that we may no longer be able to replace the unit, since might not have them in stock any longer. But I still strongly suggest contacting our Support team for options.

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Thank you.  I did a test by using the keypad and it was successful, so I know I'm still be monitored there.  But I do miss my voice prompts and chimes.  I'll give the phone number a call.

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