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Sunday, December 18th, 2022 11:48 PM

Make the beeps louder when the alarm is triggered

We just setup our system, so we’re noobs. Is it possible to make the warning beeps before the alarm goes off, louder? My kids set it off and we didn’t notice as the beeps are so quiet. 


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1 year ago

@UserA welcome to the community and hope you enjoy your new system.  If you purchase an aux siren, it has the ability to "beep" along with the keypad so it can be more easily heard. Note that before having Simplisafe 10+ years ago, we had ADT (never, ever would use them again) and when our two children were young we had two false alarms and then did a sit down on the importance of not doing that.  They were 4 and 6 at the time, and it worked for us, although I don't know the ages of  your children.  

Another consideration is that the countdown prior to alarming, in our opinion, was always way too long and all of our intrusion sensors were, and still are, set to instant trigger (with the exception of 1 entry door).  If you were to go that route, even more important for your kids not to set off the alarm. 

You can also call SS and talk about where you have sensors, types etc and possibly get some feedback on how to make it harder for little hands to cause a false alarm.

Happy Holidays!


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@captain11​ Thank you!

We will look at picking up a siren, we were already considering this. Hopefully between the siren and reminders to the kids about the alarm we can avoid exciting phone calls and police visits.

Happy Holidays! 

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