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Thursday, December 29th, 2022 4:14 AM

Low battery and system interference

Hello! I was getting a low battery warning on an entry sensor so I changed the battery with a brand new one but the message of a low battery is still there. Also on my pin pad there is a notification saying ‘interference detected - signal interference detected’ nothing has moved in our house from their location (distance from router). Any ideas?

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1 year ago

Welcome to the community @Pulpfrau!

Regarding the battery issue, it is possible that the app had the old battery status cached. Force quitting the app on your phone or tablet, then reopening it should clear that message. If not, you can always log out and back in to the app and that should do the trick.

The error you're receiving generally is an indication of wireless interference, usually stemming from another device nearby. Have you added any new smart home devices to your house or any internet-connected devices in general over the past few weeks?

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