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Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 2:20 PM

Increasingly flakey...

Seems as time goes on the SS app/system is becoming increasingly flakey in operation, at least for SS2 systems.

Last couple days, from memory, the arm state sometimes does not correctly reflect in the (Android) mobile app.

Example, I opened the app to disarm one of my systems and the app shows the system is already disarmed. However, the last timeline entry (from last night) shows the system was armed and no subsequent timeline entry saying it was disarmed. So, is it armed or isn't it armed?

And, have been getting more of the "base station busy" stuff when it shouldn't have been busy.

Doesn't instill much confidence.

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3 years ago

Hi whoareu99,

This sounds like the expected behavior for Gen 2 systems. What's happening is that the "armed" state shown on the app is not based on the Timeline events, but on info sent directly by the Base Station itself.  And the Gen 2 Base Station isn't sending that status info all the time, only on command (e.g. when you pull down to refresh). As a result, the app will display the most recent info it has available, and in turn may not be as accurate if you armed or disarmed by Keypad.

The Gen 3 Base Station does keep the app updated regularly, though. So assuming it's properly connected, the app should always be showing accurate info.

- Davey D.
Community Development Manager
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