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Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 2:20 PM

Increasingly flakey...

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1 year ago

Hi whoareu99,

This sounds like the expected behavior for Gen 2 systems. What's happening is that the "armed" state shown on the app is not based on the Timeline events, but on info sent directly by the Base Station itself.  And the Gen 2 Base Station isn't sending that status info all the time, only on command (e.g. when you pull down to refresh). As a result, the app will display the most recent info it has available, and in turn may not be as accurate if you armed or disarmed by Keypad.

The Gen 3 Base Station does keep the app updated regularly, though. So assuming it's properly connected, the app should always be showing accurate info.

- Davey D.
Community Development Manager
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