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Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 11:17 PM

How do I get a new copy of the setup software?

OK, my system is down and I can't bring it back up.

I changed routers (I upgraded my Internet) but I can't tell my system how to connect to the new router. Normally I would run the software that comes on the USB that is part of the remote, but that USB drive has gotten corrupted. When I plug it into my base station, it says "Setttings not saved". When I plug it into my PC, it says the drive is unusable and offers to format it.

I tried ordering a new remote to see if it would come with new software, but it didn't have a USB drive with it. I've looked for a download, but all I can find is software for a Mac. (I'm on Windows.) I've tried contacting support, but they keep telling me how to change the battery in the remote and how to set the system to home or away.

I just need to be able to run setup again. Otherwise my entire system is effectively down. Is there *any* way to get a copy of it?


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4 years ago

If you are connecting it to WiFi, it sounds like you have SS3.  That version does NOT have setup software, not in a USB, not anywhere.  All setup is done from the KEYPAD.

If you do have SS2, then you can't connect it to WiFi.   You can set up via the online dashboard or you can call SS and have them download new software to your base to load onto the USB.
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