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Thursday, December 10th, 2020 3:23 AM

Connecting to wifi with original SimpliSafe?

We had an issue with our SimpliSafe system that was installed in our home and coincidently it was turned off for over a year.  We have alleviated the original issue as to why it was originally unplugged and put away and now want to bring it back online.  I installed the new 4G modem and am trying to connect the base station to wifi but am unable to find instructions how to configure the "original" SimpliSafe system to connect to wifi.  Can someone please point me in the right direction?

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4 years ago

The original SS system/base does not use WiFi.

If you're meaning connect to cellular you'd need a monitoring plan for that. Are you subscribed to a monitoring plan?

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4 years ago

I assume we have the "monitoring plan" as we've been paying $26.74 every month.  Is there something different that I need?

Also, as I said, our system has been unplugged and sitting in a box for over a year now.  Are there any software updates that need to be applied to our system with it being offline for that long?  I was. reading that there might be updates available but first require a wifi connection.

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There is nothing you need to do other than install the new LTE cell modem. Once you have that installed and reconnect power to the base, it should connect automatically to the cell service. After some period of time, you'd try using the smartphone app to control the system. If you can, then all is good. If you can't then it is possible the SIM in the new modem hasn't been fully/properly activated. To fix that you'd have to call SS to have them check/confirm the SIM is properly activated.



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4 years ago

@bigfarmerdave I suggest you call SS and verify if you have SS2 or SS3. As whoaru99 posted, there is no WIFI for SS2 and no way to update the software. Once clarified, you should discuss the advantages of having SS3 and, it is encrypted, can update and uses WIFI besides just cellular.
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