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Thursday, April 13th, 2023 12:48 PM

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Anyone else having problems with push notifications?

Not sure how long ago it started, sometimes I don't notice things until I'm actually looking for them.

Regardless, problem is that presently I'm not getting push notifications from an entry sensor I have set to Alert Only / Secret Alert.

The system recognizes the sensor, records the alert in the timeline, and sends a SMS to a phone number I have set up. But, no push notification on my (Android) phone.

  • I've confirmed the settings are correct in the app to send push notifications for all possible events.
  • Confirmed the phone settings are enabled/correct for all possible notifications from the SS app.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the SS app, and made sure the settings are correct for push notifications.

Result is the same. Secret alert shows in the timeline, sends SMS, but NO push notification.

Is there a known issue with push notifications?

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1 year ago

Hi @whoaru99, 

There are currently no know issues regarding push notifications that we are aware of. However, you certainly should be receiving push notifications for this Entry Sensor, and you've done all the proper troubleshooting to try to retrieve them! We've forwarded your case to our engineers to look into.

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1 year ago


Any chance you've changed phones recently? While this is a much bigger and more frequently seen issue on iphones it does happen to Android devices sometimes as well. People change devices and the push notifications seem to get lost until someone removes themselves from the old device entirely. (Until the push notifications go to the correct device.)

Also when you say "settings are correct" for push notifications is that just in the SS app? Or is that also in the permissions for the app in the Android settings?

Finally, do you have another device to log into to see if they work on another device? (Just to temporarily test.)

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1 year ago


It's the same Galaxy S9 phone I've had for several years. Bought it straight out/cash new so it has always been an unlocked phone from day one, and has always been used on Verizon service.

Yes, confirmed the settings in the SS app and the SS app permissions in the phone.

I do have a company iPhone I suppose could install the app on but would rather not. Presently it correctly receives SMS notices from the settings in the Galaxy S9.


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It's the same Galaxy S9 phone I've had for several years

That's a 5+ year old phone. Impressive. Also I agree, don't put personal stuff, any personal stuff, on work devices. It's not worth the risk.

I found the following on Reddit which someone claimed fixed their no notifications issue:

I had the same problem. I had to delete the app, then went into settings and turned off notifications. I restarted my phone, enabled notifications, downloaded the app, and made sure to allow push or whatever that message was. It worked, and I’m sure this isn’t an official fix or anything. I just tried a number of things to reset whatever dumb thing my phone was doing.

I might also, for good measure, clear cache and data in the app before uninstalling. 

I also just re-read your post. Are you missing all SS related notifications or just the notification for the one entry sensor set to alert only/secret alert?

Regardless, problem is that presently I'm not getting push notifications from an entry sensor I have set to Alert Only / Secret Alert.

If it's just the one sensor, what if you disable secret alert on that sensor and re-enable it. Any luck? I'm clearly just taking some guesses here but at least we're eliminating variables to hopefully narrow down to a fix.

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Yeah, sorry, it's all.

The one sensor just happened to be one I was particularly keen on working with at the time.

SMS come through almost instantly but no push.

About the S9, frankly, wouldn't surprise me if that's part of it. Perhaps a SS app update to some newer code/compatibility broke it for older Android versions (Android 10 on this phone).


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1 year ago

And, of course, after I say none I got one push notice. But, only one, when I should have received several.

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It seems that the push notifications will only work if you have the app closed on your phone. So security is dependent on remembering to do something.  

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