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Monday, January 10th, 2022 11:46 PM

Customer service issue, cannot get my product delivered

I cannot imagine why, but I ordered a kit plus accessories on the 3rd. Today, the 10th, it shows it is complete and shipped, however it has said it was waiting on Fedex to pick it up for three days now, NO progress. I talked to and texted with customer service about the lack of any progress and actually requested to cancel the whole purchase. Customer service advised me I had made a mistake ordering it from Simplisafe online and should have called them? Same company?? They then told me since it was in Fulfillment process, they could not touch it or modify anything. Same company?? I had to just wait for it to be delivered and then cancel it and mail it back. No adjustment or more information possible. Absolutely management failure for a company to have separation like this and blame something like this on another part of the same mothership like it is some foreign business. Worst thing, I needed this delivered and didn't know it was any issue until after the purchase had been completed and THEN, you get an email telling you they "usually" ship in one day and like I said, day 7 and hasn't even left yet. I intended on buying 3 systems and now I wouldn't have something from this terrible company if it was free. It cannot be delivered. And yes, I made the mistake of "accepting" the free delivery not knowing this was a bad thing. I can order and receive an item fro Europe quicker than doing business with this sorry company. Anyone else have this issue??

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2 years ago

Hi jhcbuck,

I sincerely apologize for this experience. It sounds like at the time of your call, the package had already been packed up and completed by Fulfillment, so normally an agent wouldn't be able to change it. But that doesn't mean we're out of options for getting you a system in a much shorter timeframe.

We've requested a call from our Support team so we can get you taken care of ASAP. Please keep an ear out for it!

1 year ago

I just had similar experience and finally had to cancel the order and believe me it was not easy to cancel.

Long story short, order for their essentials system had not shipped almost a month later, only "shipping label created" and getting the run around from their customer support about when it would ship.  They answer the phone and are nice but don't really know anything about the order which is disturbing sort of like talking to a bot.

If a company cannot ship immediately, its ok with me given supply chain issues these days.  But they should have some reliable information and give realistic updates.  If they don't, it's easy to lose trust in the company.

A shame because it sounds like a great system in theory.

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@triedtobuysimplisafe​ I'm really sorry to hear about this experience. Please be assured, if there was a stock or supply issue, we would absolutely have let you know.

Looking into your order, I see instead that the package had just been lost at some point during the shipping process. Our Support team not only should have let you know of that, but even created a replacement package for you via expedited shipping.

And of course, we're really to see you go empty-handed. But if you wanted to try again, please let me know and I'd be happy to put you in touch with a senior agent who will take care of you.

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