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Tuesday, December 6th, 2022 4:08 AM

Extended Warranty Protection Plans?

If I sign up for interactive service monitoring, does that constitute an "Extended warranty"?

I'm confused about the lingo and legal jargon and need a straight answer.

After the initial 1 year manfacturer warranty period expires, do I need to buy an extended warranty service (in addition to the monthly interactive monitoring service) to receive extended warranty coverage on my SimpliSafe equipment?



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2 years ago

@mr_veritas Actually, you can't buy an extended service plan separately at this time, but SS does one better: get the top Total Command/Interactive Plan (note the name may not be right but it's 27.99 a month) and as long as you continuously have it,  all of your components (except smoke and Co due to limited life design) are covered.  Quite the deal and, IMO, the best value out there in the home security market. Further, if the component in question does fail even if you don't have that plan, I have found SS in the past extremely cooperative in making the customer happy, including sometmes replacing a device after the warranty is up. For further clarification, call SS support or use online chat.

Happy holidays to you and your family.

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2 years ago

Hi @mr_veritas 

When you subscribe to Interactive Monitoring, as long as you stay subscribed you receive a lifetime warranty on your products. If you subscribe to a lower-tiered subscription, such as Standard or Self-Monitoring, you get additional years of coverage on top of the 1-year warranty. See this Help Center article for more details - and let me know if you have any other questions.

10 months ago

You can also purchase the system on Amazon and they offer an extended warranty on various parts of the system. It's what I did because a one-year warranty is simply not sufficient, in my opinion, if you're dropping a few hundred dollars on anything. 

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@augustisburning​ the 1 year Warranty is the default that comes with all of our products.

But if you are subscribed to our Fast Protect Monitoring Plan, you can take advantage of the unlimited warranty, which stays in place for as long as you're subscribed. It's fully included, and not an add-on as the OP was suggesting.

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