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What is the warranty on my SimpliSafe Equipment?


​SimpliSafe stands behind all of our products and services. As of Jan. 17, 2022, all products sold have a 1-year limited hardware warranty​​, which starts from the original order/purchase date, including SimpliSafe products bought through authorized retail partners. As an additional benefit, customers who sign up for our industry-leading 24/7 Interactive Professional Monitoring service before that 1 year warranty expires will receive a limited lifetime warranty on those products for the duration of your uninterrupted subscription. And customers who subscribe to the Standard Monitoring Plan or a Camera-Only plan before their original hardware warranty expires qualify for up to a 2-year extension on this hardware warranty—giving them a total of up to a 3-year warranty as long as their subscription remains uninterrupted during that time.​

​Loyal customers who purchased SimpliSafe systems before January 17, 2022 will continue with their original limited hardware warranty. To get the special limited time benefits mentioned above, ​​contact us​​ to upgrade to 24/7 Interactive Monitoring now!*​

​If you experience any issues with your SimpliSafe system, simply ​​contact us​​ and, if we are unable to resolve the issue, we will send you a replacement along with a prepaid return label to send back the defective equipment. For more information on our warranty policy, ​​click here​​.​

​*See ​​Terms and Conditions​​ for more details.​