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Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 6:16 PM

Possible entry point override?

I have dogs and would like to have the house armed even when I am home. Is there a way that I can override one of the entry points to be able to let the dogs out into a secure backyard without having to constantly arm and disarm the system?

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4 years ago

Hi bettinasettles,

It sounds like a slight adjustment to the settings of that entry sensor might be in the cards for you. You can set an individual sensor to not be armed in Home mode through the keypad by following these steps:

  • Press menu on the Keypad
  • Enter your Master PIN
  • Select Devices
  • Select the Entry sensor that you would like to adjust settings for
  • Scroll down to Home Mode and change that from Alarm to Disabled

This will make it so that when the system is armed in Home mode you'll still be able to freely open and close that sensor.

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Great. Thank you!! Both dogs are older and they tend to have to have to go out quite frequently.

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4 years ago

Temporarily affix another magnet by the sensor when you want to open the door. Remove it when the door is closed again and the usual magnet takes over.

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I do have extra magnets from my old system. I will try this. Thank you!!!!
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