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Monday, August 21st, 2023 8:44 PM

No info on firmware updates + very buggy wifi

I have a new gen 3 system that replaced my old gen 1 system. I'm dealing with two concurrent issues and am having a very hard time finding relevant info in the community (did SS redesign the discussion forum as well? Yeesh, interface is really confusing)

1) Where does one find the exhaustive list of current device firmware? The full list is not here -- i.e. I just did a base station update that says 2.14.2 -- where is this listed online so someone can check to make sure they have the right version?

2) I've done two base station updates and also a keypad update. After all of these completed, if I go to "check for updates" on the keypad, it either says "wifi not working, want to reconnect, etc. etc." or "searching for update, sorry this isn't working right now" -- why does any firmware update send the wifi settings haywire? I've even re-synced my device settings via the web control panel, taken the batteries out/in of the keypads to restart them, nothing seems to work.

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10 months ago

@bobby_9 The link you supplied does have our latest system and device firmware updates since June of 2022. Alarm system updates are Base Station updates, and the update at the top of the table does link to our Community post about the Base Station's 2.14 update. You can also see all of our Community posts on the latest firmware and software updates in the Updates section of the Community.

Regarding your Base Station's Wi-Fi connection after an update, do you only see a notification that it is not connected to Wi-Fi in the Keypad, or do you see it in the SimpliSafe mobile app as well? The Base Station should remain connected to your Wi-Fi network after a firmware update; but if you reset the Base Station by unplugging it, removing a battery, and then putting it back together, does it regain its Wi-Fi connection?

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Hi Emily, thank you for your response. Per your points:

  • Why does my base station update register as 2.14.2 but the update firmware update pages only specify 2.14? It's confusing if the pages do not specify any current maintenance or patch update version. Is there any good reason why this specificity isn't listed?
  • The post-firmware update "no wifi" notification is on the keypads (I didn't check the app). After yesterday's update, I checked the keypad about 30 minutes later and the wifi was connected as normal. There appears to be some sort of a wifi connection delay post-update. The exact same thing happened when I did the initial out-of-the-box firmware updates when I installed the system a few days ago.

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@bobby_9​ We only post about major firmware updates in the Community - like 2.14. Any revisions (like 2.14.2) just have very minor changes; they do not have any new features like you would see in a major update.

Regarding your Base Station's Wi-Fi connection after a firmware update, there may be an issue with how your router handles traffic. Setting up a 2.4GHz Guest Wi-Fi network and connecting only your SimpliSafe devices to it should help resolve this.

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