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Monday, July 10th, 2023 1:20 AM

Network down - no error logs?

I get a notice on my phone that my system has lost network connection. However, every other device on the network is fine and the speed test is normal. The cameras are dead, the system has no response, but the keypad works.

Long story short. I got on chat and tried to reset the network setting via the keypad. The system didn't see my working network SSID. Eventually I was asked to reboot the router. And everything eventually started working.

Not happy with that, but whatever. 

The problem is I asked what is the root cause of the WiFi drop? I was told there is no error log, like software debug message, kernel dump or anything that would tell us what went wrong. The message that SS gets is the same message that I got. I was told it dropped because of network quality issues, which is pretty vague, and nothing else had any issues. 

So the question is, what really happened? Like the root cause, which is NOT the wifi dropped. The dropped wifi is a symptom.

More concerning, the lack of low level infomration is a security concern. Just thinking of security here, but SS should know about every packet that is sent and recieved from the equipment and be able to tell us what changed in the settings.
If this was (doubt it) a hacking event they could disable the system and enter the house undetected. There could be an exploit between the router and/or the base station. I don't know, but it's something that is real these days. 

It's possible I have a junk router, but my junk router has lots and lots of log files that I can look at and see exactly what happened when. 



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1 year ago

@JKSJ If your WIFI connection goes down, yes, the cameras go with it but your base and sensors should stay online. If a break in, the cell card would dial the monitoroing station and they would attempt to call you as primary, secondary and then dispatch if they can't reach you.  If I misunderstood your post my apologies.

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Sure it may or may not work if the WiFi is down, but what caused it to drop the WiFi? That's really the question.

The whole thing is completely unreliable and I'm constantly having to reset this or that.

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