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Thursday, November 11th, 2021 3:37 AM

31-character WiFi password limit is absurd

After three years on a base station running 1.x firmware (the unit would not receive firmware updates), I finally switched over to a new base station running 2.3.10, and out of the blue the new unit won't connect to WiFi using the same password literally dozens of devices in my home connect with because it is longer than 31 characters. The old firmware had no problem with the long password, and now all these "Wi-Fi security improvements' that have shipped in the 2.x revisions means I have to make the password I use for my network less secure.

Really, really disappointing.

And to make matters even more confusing, the cameras in the system will still accept passwords over 31 characters.

Simplisafe, please fix this. A security product should not require less-secure passwords.

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7 months ago

I'm very disappointed that I have to shorten the password on my network and update all of my devices because a "security system" limits WiFi password lengths. Completely ridiculous and get clearly a design misstep. 

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7 months ago

Yeah I'm not lowering the security of my home network just to accommodate this ridiculous limitation on SimpliSafe's base station.  Between this issue and also my other post on the thread about the lack of sensor activity history on the timeline, this is not looking good.  If you all can't even do the basic things right, then what else aren't you doing right?

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7 months ago

The obsession with password length is laughable.  Why be 'satisfied' with 31 (or 32) characters, demand Simplisafe increase it to billions of characters. 😎🤣

1 month ago

Well I just received my kit and my home wifi pass is 38 characters. Gonna ponder for 24 hours about whether to A) keep it and change my password and update all my other devices. B) put it on the guest network or C) return it. Right now leaning towards C, but I'm gonna review the competition's offers first and maybe B or A.

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