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Sunday, January 23rd, 2022 3:21 PM


Multi-user Support

How is it possible that in 2022, SimpliSafe can still offer a product that requires multiple users to share a password?  And that account only supports MFA via SMS (which is its own security shortfall, as SMS based MFA is known to be insecure).  

So aside from sharing passwords this setup means that I have to text my fiance 6 digit codes so that she can login when the app auto-logs her out.  

This security system is a security nightmare.  When I reached out to support today, I got what sounded like a Trump speech.  Their response to, “do you have a timeframe when we can expect to see multiple user logins?” was…

”Not for now, but this 2022 we bring amazing changes that you will realize very soon, we cannot give approximate dates so as not to generate false expectations, but stay tuned for changes and great surprises for the benefit of our customers.”

Changes and great surprises and benefits to our customers….. blah blah blah… people have been asking for this basic security feature for years on this forum and nothing… why would 2022 be different?  

Does anyone with authority to share more care to provide a little more detail?  Or am I looking for a new alarm system?

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2 years ago

Yes, Simplisafe has been consistent on their position on this one. Customers get one log in at the moment. Done. There are more urgent features I would like to see, in my opinion,  being the ability to send an alarm state flag to digital assistants so I can use a routine to turn my inside and outside lights on.  Criminals don't like lights and it would be a large deterrent. In the interim, my wife and I share my login quite nicely without issues for the past 9+ years.

Besides that, davey, can you please provide a status on ararling's request for a status? (Even a "we have the request in our work que for future consideration but we are not actively working on it at this time.) Thanks!

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@captain11​ How are you and your wife sharing a login?  Where do the MFA keys go when the iOS app logs you out every 30 days?  

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Hi afarling,


We're all in agreement, and this is one of the most popular requested features. Unfortunately yes, we are not able to give you any further details about if/when multi-user logins will be implemented.


In the meantime, did you already know that you can set up multiple phone numbers to receive Multi-Factor Authentication codes? You can do that in the app, from a phone where you're already logged in. Just navigate to Menu > Manage Account > Multi-Factor Authentication.

Then when it's time to log in again, after entering your email and password, you can hit the arrow > on the phone number box to send to a different contact.




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@afarling​ Sorry, just saw your post. The Android app keeps you logged in as far as I can tell, beyond the 30 days. When need to do 2FA again, I just verify my wife's log in on my phone.  We do see each other daily. :-)

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@captain11​ That’s much harder to do when I travel about 2 weeks per month.  It never fails that the iOS app logs her out when I’m on the road.  



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2 years ago

Unfortunately yes, we are not able to give you any further details about if/when multi-user logins will be implemented.

Why not, Davey? This is not a difficult request. There are open source projects run by one person in their free time that produce more timely and substantial updates than SS does despite you all employing roughly a thousand people. There is no reason, other than you all simply don't care, that you can't give us more details about what you're working on and what you have no intention of working on.

Edit: Please stop saying "unable" or "not able". This is a choice you all are making. The only thing getting in the way of you on this is, well, you. :)


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@worthing​ 100% - this is, “we made the choice to not give you more information.”  

At least be honest with us if you don’t care enough to fix this… but shared user accounts violate every security best practice ever…. Ever!  This service is a joke, as is the support we are getting around the topic.  

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2 years ago

Agreed. This is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t think of another account I use that doesn’t permit multiple users. My bank does it just fine. I’d rather have someone break into my house than my bank account.

If this was disclosed up front I never would have purchased a system.

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@mck81​ My mother told me today that she’d like to have an alarm like mine… I’ll be helping her shop alternate vendors.  

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