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Saturday, December 4th, 2021 12:47 AM


Adding the APP to a Second Phone

My wife tries to add the app to her phone, in addition to mine.

What do we need to do to allow the app onto her phone ?


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2 years ago

@dancadigan my wife and I have used the android phone app for years, no issues. Wheterh iOS or Android, go the apple store or google play and ownload the app. Then sign in. You will be asked to authenicate one time. After that, done.

Note that you both must use the same log in.  My wife uses m login ID and PW and then uses it as she needs.

Hope this answeres your question.

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2 years ago

This seems incredibly primitive and way behind competitor offerings. With Eufy I have the ability to give permissions to other users to either view or manage the system. This way I do not need to share all my credentials with others such as my adult children but can give them access to certain features under their own login.

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