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Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 4:55 PM

ZDNet: Security of IoT devices article: SS impact.

ZDnet posted an excellent and interesting article today (at least in my opinion) on IoT devices and how they impact the security on your home network. It is definitely worth a read, as it walks through the largest gaps and issues they present, at least for now.  What accounts for largest % of breaches in the category? Cameras.


I was at least surprised and had a small smile on my face knowing my 3 Simplicams and video doorbell were all encrypted and part of the Simplisafe eco-system, set apart from the rest of the old internet wild west. A thumbs up to Simplisafe.

Now just a small dose of criticism after the job well done.  

Simplisafe: Flash on the website dashboard has no place at a security system site. Period, get rid of it.  And 2FA for sign on a given, which at least, you have stated on 3rd party sites, you are working on.

Which leads me to the final two items:

1. If its in print at a 3rd party site, there is no excuse its not on your own. Your communication policy, or lack of one, still is a major opportunity to improve (like how I spun that via a deluxe marketing approach to be positive)
2  A Customer Resource Center (CRC) was needed five years ago. Now do it.

And again, Simplisafe, thank you for a well protected, encrypted, coordinated system to keep my family and property safe.
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