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Friday, May 12th, 2023 6:54 PM

Why is there No Loyalty Program?

Hey All, 

Completely baffled at the lack of a program to maintain customers after the initial sale. Sorry guys the 10% is BS. It is well documented that maintaining customers is at least 7x cheaper than gaining new customers. I have some sensors that need replacing and a couple of add on's. Looking at the cost ala Carte, it makes way more sense to go with a new provider. This myopic approach to new customers is very frustrating. Why not create triggers in your system that identify damaged or not working sensors with customer systems and create a path for them to get new items or upgrades? Why not create another annuity for the business outside the surveillance subscription as part of a loyalty program?

I am going to give it a few weeks here but it looks like based on the math a complete redo with another company makes more sense that staying with Simplisafe. The crazy thing is I am happy with the service. 


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