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Monday, October 18th, 2021 1:53 PM

What would you want SS to work on first?

The purpose of this thread is to ask customers

If you had one thing you would want SImplisafe Development to work on (a product, service or feature) what would it be?  

This could be a separate section dedicated to customer input for new products/services/features in the new CRC.

Here's mine:

Ability of SS3 to pass an "alarm state flag" to digital assistants so it could be part of a routine or script. Out of SS3 only, for security reasons.  I would use that to interact with a script on Amazon Echo to turn on my nine controlled lights in and outside my home duirng an alarm event.

What's yours? Again, please keep it to your top single request.

3 years ago

I've just movered over from ADT and it's so disappointing that you can't have multiple app users only manual pins for the handset. If a pin only user leaves the house without arming then they need to contact me so I can arm remotely or I share my account details with everyone which is ridiculous. This has to be a priority to fix as it's so far behind your competitors. Plus, asking the account holder to share personal data in order for someone else to use the app is a security breach in itself. Very disappointed.

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3 years ago

I agree 100% percent about additional logons and granular access. Many of us have been asking for it for some time. (And, oddly, other users were arguing that SimpliSafe shouldn't provide that functionality for some reason...)

In the meantime, you could a) log in for them on their device so they don't know your username and password and b) add their phone numbers to the MFA list. (You do have MFA set up, right?) It's not perfect and sometimes users get logged out but it's the best we have at the moment if you want to give mobile app access to people and not share your username/password.

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3 years ago

Yes, 100% agree that supporting multiple user accounts is the most needed new feature.

In my house, the most needed bug fix is the very high number of "smart lock not responding" occurrences.

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3 years ago

I'll officially throw my hat in for "support multiple account logins and role based access". Please don't just let us add 3 more people who all have full access to everything. Sometimes we just want to add someone who only has access to arm/disarm the system and not remove devices or cancel the plan or whatever. Even if we just got "admin" (can do everything!) and "operator" or "user" (arm, disarm) it'd be a great start though I think a third group that allowed live viewing of cameras would also be a useful addition.

Edit: But if you allowed me two answers the other answer would absolutely be a refresh of the SimpliCam which is, frankly, outdated and overpriced. You all need a new indoor camera with better image quality, local storage for back up in case the network goes down, better software support (add date/time stamps to clips, manage multiple clips at once, etc.), scheduling, etc. There are multiple vendors offering better equipment for less than half what you all charge for the SimpliCam.

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3 years ago

1) make it so cameras don't need such a "high" upload speed for those of us with crap internet.

2) Update the SS3 temperatures sensors so they can be set for high temp exceeded only, so they can be used as freezer alarms.  Alternately, allow setting a low temperature alert well below 0, as my freezers often dip below 0, giving periodic false alarms

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3 years ago

Outdoor wireless camera upgrade needed

1) Without question the ability to set the Outdoor wireless camera behavior based on system status like you can the other devices.
Example I do not want my outdoorwireless cameras recording me doing yardwork or washing my car. When me system is OFF or HOME  I want the outdoor camera not be recording! I think this is a serious privacy issue. I understand that I can go to the setting for each camera and turn off motion detection when I set my camera to OFF or HOME but that is a pain and poor design.

2) My outdoor wireless cameras are set to the People Only yet that will false trigger over and over 10 or 15 second clips with no movement. No they are not near trees or traffic etc. either.

3) Because of #1 & 2 above, I end up with so many video clips, I want to be able to delete multiple video clips at a time via the app or webpage.

Agree that  "support for multiple account logins and role based access" would be a good addition.

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I agree. The outdoor cam interface needs a major version update. For the reasons you describe, I returned three Outdoor Cams after testing thoroughly with excellent support from a SimpliSafe engineer. The cams are designed well, if these software issues are addresses I plan to purchase again.



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3 years ago

aaltmann  when it rains heavily or snows the cameras do record a lot, with you on that. The rest, to be honest, are not on my priority list, back to my request for the ability to send an alarm flag over to digitial assistants that customers can use in routines to interact with IoT devices, in my case nine indoor and outdoor lights. Would like them to go on for alarm eevent.

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3 years ago

One thing, you ask?  

For SS not to consider their own proprietary monitoring.  I'm thinking not ready for prime-time, don't fix what isn't broken.

I know that's not 'development'-related in terms of tech, but it's kind of casting a shadow on an otherwise list of things they should be focusing on (in my opinion).

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3 years ago

Please offer a recessed door sensor.  Nicer security systems have them, and it shouldn't be that difficult to partner with a maker of these sensors to have them coded for the SimpliSafe system.

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3 years ago

* Ability to add more "users" to the SS3.  At least allow more user PINs to be registered.  I'm not asking for hundreds of PINS... but four is a very low limit.  (I would not believe that it is due to a HW/SW limitation.)

* Ability to require a PIN to put the system in Home/Away mode.  This is not a trivial request, and does not require an explanation/justification.  I have my reasons for wanting this ability.

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2 years ago

Recommend that the next generation of keypads have a small low power led that blink every 3 seconds or so when on home mode. Help understand by glancing if the system needs to be armed or disarmed.

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