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Thursday, November 26th, 2020 4:54 PM

Thanksgiving Flash Poll

Today is Thanksgiving, one of the few holidays that the Simplisafe Support Center is closed. I knew that, being a customer of 8+ years, but for many customers, it is unfortunately a well kept secret. Yes, you can find the actual holiday list in the support center and buried, several times, in the forums. And, a small improvement, Simplisafe even tells you this year that they are closed in the initial phone greeting when you call the toll free number. Nice, but hardly enough. No banner on the web home page, or the support page either.  I am sure there will many potential and existing customers not happy.  That said, please note that monitoring centers are open today, and always operational 24x7x365.

So, since there is no other way to do it, post here if you did or did not know support was closed today.

I'll start.




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4 years ago

Did.  Only because, like a ton of other things, we always learn from other users, never from SS directly.

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3 years ago

Did not know, but would have been pleasantly surprised if I needed them and they were open.  For me, it is easier just to call to find out if they are open than navigating the website to find out that way.  Then again, I have their number saved in my contacts, so that makes it easier.
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