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Tuesday, July 13th, 2021 4:15 AM

Suggestion - More environmental data and consolidate sensors

I've seen other systems where the environmental sensors can detect more than one thing so you don't need to buy multiple sensors for the same room. I'd LOVE to see SS do this (as an option for people who want it, not necessarily as the only option) and also add sensor capabilities. For example, is there a reason we can't have fire/smoke and CO on the same sensor? Or that we can't have the temperature sensor also report humidity?

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3 years ago

Those are some great questions and suggestions, Worthing.

Of course I cannot divulge any secrets about what our engineers are cooking up, but they're exploring all sorts of possibilities. What other things in your home did you wish you could be alerted for?

- Johnny M.
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3 years ago

First, let me acknowledge that I am likely not the standard issue consumer of your products. Second, I know some of these aren't strictly 'security related' but I'm a huge fan of being able to use one app when possible and not multiple apps.

That being said, here's my list off the top of my head:

- Garage door is left open
- Refrigerator door is left open (many of us don't have a newer fridge that has this built in and it'd be great to get an alert if the door is cracked open)
- Hygrometers rated for indoor and outdoor use so they can be left in a crawl space, for example
- Power usage going above a certain threshold (either at a plug level, plug strip level or even at the home (breaker box) level) because this could be indicative of a problem if you're not home for example
- Mailbox sensor indicating when the mailbox has been opened
- Horizontal plane sensor  (like an old school system where you break the light beam as you walk through it and it alerts) that could be used outside on your porch, at the entrance to the driveway, etc. and has the appropriate weather hardening for being outside
- Gate sensor to determine if a gate has been opened (like an entry sensor) or open too long as people have kids, pets, etc. and this could help keep an eye on them or to know when something has gone amiss
- An alert to tell you when your car leaves you property (ie; the kids are about to joyride or your car is being stolen)
- An alarm or something you can put inside a gun safe that will you when the safe has been opened

I could probably come up with more but this is a good start. ALso, consolidate where possible so we don't have to spend an arm and a leg on 3 different sensors when one could monitor multiple things.
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