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Thursday, October 29th, 2020 3:50 PM

Simplisafe Holiday Call Center Metrics

An early Seasons Greetings to everyone! A bit early  you say...maybe, but Simplisafe has said in the forums they are ramping up support resources for the upcoming holiday season. Under the banner of "Gift of Customer Feedback", what metrics do you suggest SS uses to see if their efforts were successful and what measurement values/goals would you use?

Here are mine to get the thread started:

Hold time no more than x:

Sales no more than 5 minutes
Customer Service (Billing - address, method, purchases adj etc) no more than 5 minutes
Tech support - no more than 10 minutes

System requirements:

-Ability to tell customers on hold approximate wait times
-Aiblity to allow customers to reserve spot in line and get automated callback.
-Bring back online chat!!!

All actual times for holding by type calculated by day and posted on SS internal system AND in the currently non existent CRC. Also actual hold times could be posted there too.

What are your suggestions?  HO HO HO



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4 years ago

1. answer the phones.
2. ship the product.
3. no more excuses.
4. all of the above, self-explanatory.  None of which should be at customers' inconvenience.
(hold times?  Less than one minute - 365 days in a year to prepare, every single year).
5. agree, bring back chat.

I'm just playing along, as I don't have Captain's eternal optimism and enthusiasm :)
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