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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 2:19 PM

Simplisafe Customer Support Trends: 2021

For those of us customers that have been around for years, we have experienced the best of times of Simplisafe support, we have experienced the worst of times of Simplisafe support (hmm, maybe something to start a good book....) but luckily, overall things are going in the right direction.  Over the past year under the usual exploding growth in sales, revenues, customers and almost every other business measurement, Simplisafe has taken steps to address customer support. Perfection, heck no, but a noticeable improvement just within the past 6 months.

Remember the holiday season of 2017? I sure do; phone holds of over 90 minutes, hang ups and (my personal "favorite") closing down at 3pm without any notice to customers so the support staff could go to the company holiday party! (yeah, that one especially frosted my beer mug, so to speak).

Move the calendar ahead to the holiday season of 2020. In the midst of a pandemic, no less, calls I made into support were either answered in seconds at best or in 2-3 minutes at worst.  Talk about improvement. Remember when you could post something in the forums and die of old age awaiting a reply? Simplisafe's new social team answers questions within hours and....evenings and weekends!! Add a new phone system, new Support Center in Virginia, new Help Center at the website, more remote agents and marked improvements in communications...holiday hours the support center is closed listed at the website...heck, things are going in the right direction!

Before newer customers start throwing stones at me on how terrible things are, please remember I am comparing now to the way things were years ago. (You veterans, hope you feel comfortable enough to back me up :-)

To Simplisafe associates, including you of Sr Management: thank you for believing in Continuous Improvement. Now that CI is under your belt, how about getting that CRC released and getting the new phone system to work right? To all, live long and prosper.
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