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Saturday, July 3rd, 2021 5:22 PM

Simplisafe Career Center Insights....

Nothing like a brief perusal of the SS Career pages to get a hint at what the company is doing behind the scenes.  Haven't been there for a while so with the holiday weekend and some downtime before heading out to the lake for a barbecue and fireworks, I thought I would drop by.  You can see the maturity of the company, its growth and "main stream professionalism" in the updated, slick fortune 500 like presentation within its pages.  As announced previously, huge growth in the engineering and programming areas, and of course, the number crunching analysts and those pesky marketing types that go with them. Ah, but where is that sweet spot for customer operations and human resource investment?  Happily, it's there and very well represented.

Hiring of agents for Boston and their new Richmond VA call centers is highlighted and, luckily, it appears the small, innovative qualities that were there when Mr. Laurans was soldering wires on his kitchen table in the early days is still in spirit at Simplisafe today.

What made me the most happy was this position https://careers.simplisafe.com/job/?job_id=3170013 to work on their onboarding process to improve their associates training and, therefore, the customer experience.  Lessonly and Seismic platforms are the leaders in this area and glad to see Simplisafe is investing to improve their support organization. Given current hold times and complaints in the forums, it needs to.

Now if only they could hire someone to get their phone system to allow customers to request call backs. :-)

Happy 4th of July to everyone!
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