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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020 4:48 PM

Reviewing the Simplisafe Careers Website Section...

Every quarter or so I find it interesting to review the Simplisafe website "Careers Center".  It provides some insight on what Simplisafe as a company is working on, where its going in the future and what its priorities are.  Just finished and the website update, page structure and verbiage itself displays a maturing company, more experienced and fleshed out with the usual pluses and minuses that go along with it.  (those of you that have been in the workforce for a long time know where I am coming from on that last point.).

Some observations:

No open positions in the Boston support center, it appears the revolving door on talent has finally been brought under control and that rings well for the future support efforts for us customers.  The new "tier" architecture utilizing 3rd parity agents for less technical tasks like billing seems to be paying off and I, for one, applauds Operations Mgt for getting their arms around this after so many dismal holiday seasons with hours and hours of wait times.

Sr. Product Managers, Data managers, HR and other technical areas show the depth and efforts SS is taking on to become a more robust, technical leader in security.  All and in all, I say one word "Bravo!".

But now a word of caution.  Going on nine years ago when I was exploring the wild world of the internet seeking a security solution to replace ADT. The then Operations Manager listened to my questions, concerns and listened. "Listened". Key word there, he came to winning over this over demanding former NJ resident and had me signed up. Sure, bumps along the road over the past years, but now in my circle we are 30+ systems and grew by 2 this week. No matter how large you get, SS, never ever lose your roots: Customer. Focus. Customer Focus. Period.

I will close with  my best memory of some guy named Chad Laurans piecing together a SS2 model (maybe in his kitchen) and releasing it in March of 2012. And it came with an antennae improperly designed and built that my base wouldn't connect.  I called and probably was not that pleasant (okay, I wasn't) to advise of the connection issue. 48 hours later, via FedEX overnight, I had a new communications board with an new antennae design in my hand.  Installed it and it worked. Concerned yes, but definitely impressed with the response. And here we are over 8 years later.

Custome.  Focused. Customer Focused. Period.

Seasons Greeting to everyone, customers, SS associates and their families.  And be safe out there.....
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