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Wednesday, February 17th, 2021 4:25 PM

New Review on Simplisafe with interesting information...

Safewise.com just updated its  review of Simplisafe yesterday.  It is a rather detailed, informative article and did contain some interesting details, which is especially notable since the author met with Simplisafe.

Here are two interesting tidbits:

- while the review criticizes SS for lacking an outdoor cameras, it claims at least one will be released soon.
-this is one is more of surprise, that under the home automation category, SS is planning "lighting control".

Outdoor camera(s) will be great, but that last one is huge for me. If done right, the ability to turn on my indoor and outdoor lights to have my house be mistaken for a Christmas Tree in July during an alarm event will be fantastic!  To make sure it's secure, one way communication to an Echo or Google assistant device will get the job done.

Here's the link to the article. What do you think? Post your thoughts!


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3 years ago

The review has paid affiliate doubleclick.net links to Simplisafe, meaning it is not an unbiased review.  It looks like an advertorial.

Funny the review lists Simplisafe as the "reader favorite", but of the 16 reader comments:
  • 1 is spam from a self-proclaimed "hacker" offering illegal services.

  • 6 are spam/shill for "Armorax" security website

  • 1 probable spam/shill for "Kangaroo" security

  • 1 positive review of Simplisafe

  • 1 neutral review of Simplisafe, though critical of lack of a heat sensor

  • 6 negative reviews of Simplisafe

"Reader Favorite"?  LOL!  Six-to-one negative.  ZERO credibility.

I did learn something new:
Save by spreading out the 30-day service
SimpliSafe lets you purchase 30-day bundles of monitoring service that you can use whenever you want. Without the boundaries of a calendar month, you can turn on your monitoring when you leave town or need extra eyes on your house.

Really?  That would be cool.  Where is that option?



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That was always available but you do have to call in to request it.
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