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Tuesday, October 20th, 2020 9:23 PM

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Sorry if any of this has already been posted, I can't find a search box for the forum to find out (theres feature request #1!)

I'm still in my 60 days and am not 100% sure yet if i'm going to stick with it, I'm interested to hear how responsive you are to suggestions.

1) I'd really like to see the instant trigger being applied independently to both the home and away profiles, i.e. I want to set a given sensor instant alarm for away but not for home. Currently its only globally enabled for all profiles.

2) If I purchase just the £5 pcm recording option for my setup (no pro, or premium) and a sensor gets triggered when the alarm is set, is it true that the cameras will not activate and record 60 seconds like they do with the premium package? I'm not particularly inclined to spend £20 a month for such a basic security feature which will be more likely at catching someone on camera.

3) Do you have any plans to include a continuous recording like with Arlo?

4) Do you have a public road map available? If not it would be good to have one so we know what features / products are coming. For example, when is the Door Camera coming to the UK?


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4 years ago

"how responsive you are to suggestions."  Perhaps they have or will change, but so far

1) they thank you for suggestion and "forward it to development".  

2) There is never any response whether they will or won't work on it.  

3) There is no record except your request in the forum that the request was made, much less a list of all requests, when they were made and how many people requested it.

4) If they do decide to work on it (which is pretty rare), they won't tell you and it will take years.  

5) If they do tell you they are working on it and when it will be available, they won't meet that date (probably why they don't do that often).  

6) If they ever complete it, they often won't announce it and we find out when someone lucks onto it and reports it in the forum.

so that is how responsive they USED to be, and probably still are

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4 years ago

If there are any Simplisafe employees around, can you pls respond to the 4 points in my post. Cheers.
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