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Saturday, October 30th, 2021 1:53 PM

HGTV Standards are definitely falling

Sure, who doesn't like at least one home improvment show on HGTV. For years I have also entered their "Dream Home Sweepstakes" wanting to win the Mercedes, a ton of cash and a beautiful home protected by a good old Simiplisafe Home security system.  Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse not winning year after year, I see ads with the Property Brothers telling everyone to put their trust, and money, into an ADT system. Puke.  And now, insult to injury (okay, a bit strong) the latest home is protected by ADT! Egad, what has the world come to? If I do win, either I will 1. sell it 2. Tell them to rip out that trash of a system or 3. Do both. (Couldn't sleep at night knowing I burdened a human being with an ADT system). And while I'm at it, that would also apply to a Comcast connection!

Have a great week while I keep filling out my daily entries.
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