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Thursday, May 7th, 2020 5:26 AM

Feature Suggestion

There is a real need for the ability of a camera to support 3rd party NVRs. Assuming the cameras are of at least an adequate build (as $35 dollar fully functional cameras support it) it should be relatively easy to release firmware that enabled RTMP/RTSP and Onvif. I don't normally post in forums, but in searching to see if the SimpliSafe cameras support RTMP/RTSP and Onvif there were many posts in these forums about the topic. It appears these forums are no longer well moderated, but in case this message is seen it would behoove you to at the very least do some market research into the DIY NVR scene. Compatibility with software such as Blue Iris, ZoneMinder, MotionEye, Shinobi, iSpy and many many more NVR packages drives a large number of IP camera sales and there's plenty of evidence that would suggest this would be beneficial to you as a company.

Additionally, but not as important, is MQTT support. MQTT support in an IP camera is so popular that people have written hacked firmware for Wyze cameras that give them the ability to send alarms via MQTT.

If you released a firmware that allowed your cameras to have these features I can nearly guarantee you that you would move more product - maybe not a lot of additional subscriptions, but it certainly wouldn't take current subscription income away. I likely won't reply to this thread unless somehow this site notifies me in an effective way, but that's my two cents.

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4 years ago

I agree. As far as I'm concerned, SimpliSafe is a decent alarm system. But their camera system sucks. As you mentioned, no third party integration with their cameras. And I'm sick and tired of dealing with their doorbell Camera and it's propensity to disconnect from the wireless network. I added a wifi repeater just a few feet from the doorbell Cam and it still randomly drops off the network. They sent me a "replacement" which was worse (I couldn't even get it to connect to my wireless network at all). I'm sick of their video services and dumping it for Ring for my doorbell and home-grown system based on Shinobi (or possible Blue Iris) for my Camera's.

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2 years ago

Absolutely!  A standards compliant interface like ONVIF would be great!

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