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Monday, July 27th, 2020 6:19 PM

*FEATURE REQUEST* Simplicam | Motion Detection Area | Full Waterproofing

Hello Other Users & SimpliSafe Team,

I recently started using the SimpliSafe system and immediately noticed a few small flaws with the outdoor camera options available.

1) The Video Doorbell Pro has a limited viewing angle and mainly focuses straight ahead from the door, thus I chose the SimpliCam since I have a large area to cover.

This brings me to my main requests:

2) The SimpliCam needs to have the same features/abilities as the Video Doorbell Pro such as:
     The fact that an 'Outdoor Kit' is sold is great! But the caveat that "Your warranty may be voided if you use the camera outdoors" is silliness, and if my camera fails due to weather I will disputing that for sure, as I am using the 'Outdoor Kit'.
   - Motion Area that ignores cars/recognizes people only
   - Speaker to allow me to speak to guests/delivery people/etc.

Thanks to the SimpliSafe team for reviewing this! Other users, it would likely help me get some traction on this request if others who could find these features useful would reply as well! Please leave your feedback and input about this as I am sure you all have great ideas too.

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4 years ago

The SimpliSafe camera is DESIGNED to work indoors (in a temprature controlled environment).  The "outdoor" kit may protect it from moisture, but it does not compensate for the wildly varying outdoor temperatures.  So it is not going to work as reliably as indoors.

Outdoor security is very different from indoor security.  If you want outdoor cameras, get cameras designed with outdoor security in mind.  You want 24/7 recording and motion sensing notification.  You want that motion sensing to be optimized for outdoor temperatures, so standard PIR is not going to cut it.

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4 years ago

Is SimpliSafe working on wireless battery powered all weather outdoor security cameras as an alternative to Blink from Amazon?
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