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Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 3:02 PM

Experienced a Vivint security system over the Holidays.

I visited my daughter over the Christmas holidays, and saw her new home.  The builder of her new house had some tie-in with Vivint, and practically the entire subdivision had little Vivint yard signs.  Or at least it seemed so certainly my Daughter & Son in Law went with Vivint.

My Son-In-Law said that they spend about $35 a month for their security system.  Overall, I don't think it has any significant differences, or is superior to the newest SimpliSafe system.  However, it had 3 features that SS might want to consider adapting in the future that I thought were interesting.  Though I don't think they are worth an extra $10/month.

First - There was a timer feature.  It allows the system to auto-set itself to the home mode at a specific time of day, and then turn it to off at a specific TOD.  I didn't think that was a big deal, but after experiencing it, I think it is convenient to let the dog or cat out without having to run to the control panel to shut the system down.  It's a small touch but a nice one.

Secondly - Since building regs require that new houses be built with Smoke and CO2 detectors, the Vivint sales rep said they sell those detectors, but in new construction, the detectors are new, and suggests that they purchase their smoke alarm sensor that just listens for 3rd party alarms instead.  He suggested they not buy the Specific Smoke and CO2 sensors until it's time to replace the existing sensors.  Something like that could be a useful add-on purchase for SS users.  I can see a case being made for giving users a choice in this area especially for new construction.

Thirdly - the base station announced which sensor has been opened by name.  It was useful in identifying where an entry/exit has occurred.  Useful, I think if one has toddlers in the home (OR, old people!)

My daughter doesn't have any cameras other than the video doorbell, so I don't know what Vivint's policy is regarding video/audio storage, and I didn't think to ask.  Their doorbell is downright tiny though and doesn't look significantly out of place by the front door.  Most video doorbells are kind of big.  It seemed at least as reliable as the SS doorbell.

Overall, I don't think Vivint offers enough differences to make a person switch from SimpliSafe, but it does offer enough to make a potential user consider Vivint.  Something to think about.



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3 years ago

@glenbarrington thank you for taking the time to post your experience with Vivint.  Nice but don't know if I would even use the first two features listed.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

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3 years ago

I might use the first and third, but not the second.  The thing is, for good marketing, creating the right mix of features and price to appeal to the widest number of potential customers is essential.

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3 years ago

Hi all,

Thanks for the suggestions @glenbarrington. I can definitely see a use case for all three of those suggestions. Rest assured that we have sent those suggestions along to our dev team.

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