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Monday, April 17th, 2023 6:01 PM


Is there a way to set this up like a caretaker mode?  My husband elopes sometimes due to chronic health issues.  I need to be alerted he's leaving at odd times of the day like when I'm asleep.  He is perfectly normal 80 percent of the time, still goes to work part time when he's thinking clearly.  This isn't a situation where he wouldn't be given the code to the security system, but one where if it chimes say at 6 in the morning it would wake me up because that's not normal for him.  

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1 year ago

Hi @chaney79, 

The SimpliSafe system currently has three modes: Off, Home, and Away. In your case, I would recommend installing Entry Sensors on any of the doors that your husband commonly opens and placing either an Extra Siren or your Base Station in your bedroom. When an Entry Sensor is opened the Base Station/Extra Siren emits a chime. If either of these devices are placed in your bedroom, you will alerted when a door has been opened.

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