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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 4:23 AM

Changes on website Dashboard

Maybe I missed it but the Simplisafe website's dashboard has recently been updated.  You can now view your account directly from the home page screen and the Privacy and Legal notices are now linked on the bottom left side of the menu bar. Small but nice touches, it appears SS is finally getting around to do some long needed housekeeping and improvements. Bravo!

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4 years ago

Which home screen page are you referring to?  You mean the dashboard after logging in?  You could always "view account" by clicking on the email icon at top right of dashboard page.

But, yes, I never paid attention, it appears there is a 'view account' link on the left side-bar menu.  Another thing I noticed was the bold text in the monitoring section under contacts and secondary contacts, apparently, it's necessary to remind people who will be called before and after an alarm event, lol.
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