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Sunday, January 7th, 2024 12:56 PM

Cameras are now all screwed up. Thanks Simplisafe!!

I don't know what you did, but now my outdoor cameras randomly detect motion when there isn't any. Extremely annoying to get notifications at 3am that there's motion when there isn't any, don't you think? Really haven't had this issue until very recently, so it's obviously just another Simplisafe glitch. I'm so tired of spending my time and money on this nonsense that never seems to work properly. Absolutely getting to the point of just giving up and throwing the whole damn thing in the trash and going with a real security system.

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4 months ago

@crosby1612 I'm sorry to hear about this. It sounds like you're experiencing this known issue where the Outdoor Camera begins recording even when there is no motion there. Our engineers have located the issue and are working on rolling out a solution as soon as possible!

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Nice try. This shouldn't even BE an issue in the first place. If it's not one thing with this system it's another. It's unreliable, quirky, buggy, difficult to troubleshoot, and honestly it sucks. I would NEVER in a million years recommend this system to anyone else.

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