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Saturday, July 31st, 2021 6:29 PM

Camera Features

I just wanted to throw out some idea I had for the cameras.

Firstly, I think we should be able to adjust the IR sensitivity. I have a light that's always on on my back porch. However, the camera still deems it too dark and switches to IR mode. This creates a very washed out image where you can't really see anything. So I have to manually turn off the night vision. But then what if the power goes or the bulb goes out or somebody flips the switch on accident? Well then the camera is just going to see a lot of dark. If I could adjust the level at which night vision activates I could alleviate this issue.

Second, I really, really, wish I could view all of my cameras at once locally on a computer, preferably through a browser. I would love in my home office to put up a second monitor and have them playing back on that screen 24/7. I know you can already do this but it's very wasteful and cumbersome. Besides having the login each time, it's playing over the internet. I need a local only solution, like an IP cam type of affair. I can't afford to let the cameras burn through my data cap as I already get very close to it most months.

A few more things that would be nice. If my home alarm is triggered, I want my cellphone to preferably make the same alarm sound. Do something to get my attention better than just a "Alarm Triggered!" notification. When I'm at work I don't look at my phone each time it buzzes so I need something that forces my attention. I also find the lack of HomeKit very lazy, I'm playing you $25/month, I feel at the very least I could get HomeKit too. And while we're at it, throw in HomeAssistant integration for the people that use that too, I don't, but I did play with it some hoping I could stream my cameras only to find that it's really not that easy.

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3 years ago

Hi kameechewa,

Thanks so much for the suggestions.

Adjustable IR sensitivity is a great idea. Though it sounds like you've got a SimpliCam set up in your backyard? Unfortunately, those are really calibrated for indoor use, so outdoor environments can get a bit tricky. It's usable, but not perfect. Keep an eye out for our dedicated Outdoor Camera which is on the way soon.

As for the second suggestion - our cameras as a whole are designed to augment the security system. So they're built to respond immediately and in the moment. Unfortunately, they are not intended for surveillance. You might notice that you cannot livestream indefinitely, even with just one camera.
Though there's something in that other idea, of adding local storage so that the cameras can still be useful even if WiFi is unavailable.

Matching alarm sounds for the app is also great, and the request for better integration with Smart Home platforms is evergreen - you're not the only one asking for it!

I'll be forwarding all of your suggestions to our engineering teams.

- Johnny M.
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3 years ago

Keep an eye out for our dedicated Outdoor Camera which is on the way soon


What does 'soon' mean because at various times on these forums and in SS press releases 'soon' has turned out to be 1-2 years or more. Are we looking at a 2021 release? Can you give us any other info?

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3 years ago

OMG I would LOVE to see ALL our simplicams on one screen like I can our wired system!!!!!!!
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