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Friday, November 18th, 2022 4:16 PM

Annual Holiday Wish List

Happy Turkey Day and Holiday Wishes to everyone!  As Thanksgiving quickly approaches kicking off the holiday season I thought it would be a great time to do my annual "what would you want Simplisafe to leave under your tree this year"?  Here's my top short list:

1. System status flag that passes on to digital assistants. (SS3 is off, armed away, armed home, alarm state) so I can then have all of my IoT lights (9 of them) all go on and have my house look like a Christmas tree inside and out)

2.  Allow specific intrusion sensors to be armed and active in off mode.  (I have 3 basement windows not opened in 35 years)

3. Garage door sensors fully integrated into the system

4. Outdoor cameras to live stream as fast as the Simplicams and Doorbell Pro

5. Support multiple user configurations on same account.

Okay, that's my SImplisafe Santa's wish list. How about your?

And to all, a Merry, prosperous and safe holiday season and New Year! HO HO HO

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1 year ago

Waiting on them to release the battery operated doorbell I beta tested last year, and to fix the outdoor cameras. The delay to load live stream kills me 

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