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Saturday, July 30th, 2022 10:34 PM


Amazon Ring Comparison

So, I switched to SimpliSafe because Amazon started doing things like sharing my Wi-Fi with neighbors, and video data with law enforcement without user permission. I don’t trust them, but there are features I really miss. 

1. Schedule Arm and Disarm

2. Ability to arm with Alexa or Google voice commands without the need to confirm it - SimpliSafe shouldn’t ask me to confirm what I already asked it to do. 
3. Ability to integrate with Alexa Gaurd

4. An API that at least allows me to customize automation when the feature doesn’t exist like through IFFFT or SimpleCommands. 

I could go on and on, but SimpliSafe needs to look at their competitors and at least meet the basic features and capabilities. It’s also more expensive for the same monitored services. What extra am I getting for the higher cost?

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2 years ago

Hi @mjbruder ,

I admit that the Ring system has that one key advantage - it's always going to have that much tighter integration with the Amazon ecosystem, because they're the same company.

SimpliSafe has our own ecosystem, where our focus is on providing a simple experience that can adapt to any home. That is not to say that we aren't working on further improving and expanding integrations with Alexa, Google Home, and more. Your feedback really helps in that regard. I have already passed on your comment to our dev team, and will keep you updated if and when we have updates in this space.



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2 years ago

@mjbruder I want to start by saying I own 2 echos (one was a beta unit-tall black cylinder with a separate remote that sits in my garage, one a Gen 4 in my kitchen) and 4 dots gen 3 and 4, + a Alexa equipped ecobbee4 thermostat.  As you can see, I am heavily invested in the Amazon Echo "system".  Also a SS customer for 10+ years.  As with any industry or market segment, different manufactures have different standards, designs etc. I do not expect, especially for competitive reasons your #3 request will be happening any time soon, if ever. For #2, sorry, but for the number of times Alexa doesn't get my request right (and problably for liability reasons) I doubt this one will come to fruition either.  For #1, same reason.  On #4, if done right (securely) I'm on board with you, and would be a great help, especially to turn on my nine IoT indoor and outdoor lights when their is an alarm condition on my SS3.

Possibly, will the soon to be released MATTER standard provide any solution?

As far as the "higher cost", I still take the position Simplisafe provides the best value (cost and effectiveness) of any solution in the market.

Possibly SS can respond?


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2 years ago

maybe it's just me....

I'm happy my alarm isn't connected to Amazon...

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2 years ago

Homebridge it.

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