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Thursday, June 10th, 2021 4:40 PM


Amazon Key delivery entry

My Chamberlain (and others) garage door opener has a link to Amazon deliveries.  When an Amazon driver hits a button, the garage door opens, they leave the package, and hit a button to close,  Works great and I get email notifications- its called "My Q".

My question is what sensor use/settings/placement are you using to maintain garage door coverage, yet not scare the poor Amazon driver with a false alarm?  Long Delay doesn't help, as it will trip after the driver leaves (if set to a high threshold).  Thanks in advance..

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Amazon Key Integration

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3 years ago

Secret Alert on either a door sensor or a motion sensor.  It will never sound the alarm, but will let you know when the door has been opened.  Pair it with a camera to record exactly what happened while the door was open.  

I use a standard door sensor mounted on my garage door.



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3 years ago

@simplistuckon I use a door hinge with a sensor mounted on it. How did you install your gagage door opener sensor? (I also have the Chamberlain IQ but use it only to open and close the door.

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3 years ago

This decade-old thread asking SS for a purpose-built garage door sensor:

I posted in it a couple years ago with links to some pictures of my installation, and of a hinge-mounted solution like yours.
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