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Saturday, March 7th, 2020 4:41 PM

ADT - I should have listened to you

After setting up my SS system and giving it a go for a month, I decided to cancel my ADT account.  I reviewed my contract very carefully and noted that after my three years was up, I was on month-to-month and that my equipment did not need to be returned to ADT.  I downloaded a copy of the contract so if it suddenly went missing from their website, I would still have proof.  I cancelled my account on 2/13 and it appeared to go well.  They did the usual "try and talk me out of it" routine and even that wasn't pushy. They said it would take a month to process the cancellation, which seemed like BS but whatever.  I was just glad that it went so well.  The cancellation is supposed to be on 3/13, or a month later.

Fast forward to last night when I saw that they billed me the fully amount for 3/1 - 3/31.  I called them this morning to ask about it and he said that he saw in my notes about the cancellation and even knew the cancellation date but that he didn't see where it had ever been forwarded to the cancellations department.  He said something about how they bill for the month and then refund any prorated portion.  I have my doubts about that.  In fact, I have my doubts about everything having to do with ADT.  And of course their cancellation department is only there M-F, 8am-6pm EST.  I will call on Monday.

I have typed up a BBB report that will be sent to them if this is not resolved to my satisfaction on Monday.  I am going to call my credit card company and tell them to decline any new charges that come in from ADT.

I should have listened.  I thought it would be easy.



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4 years ago

@usmaakI am not laughing at you just laughing with you. Unfortunately, if it follows my experience, you are far from over dealing with these crooks. Good luck.

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4 years ago

Order a new credit card from your bank.  The new one comes with a new expiration date and a new code on the back of the card.  This should make your old card invalid so they can't bill you again.

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4 years ago

I have a feeling that you are correct.  Stay tuned. :)
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