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Friday, January 26th, 2024 9:57 PM

A Late Welcome to Rebecca Zavin!

Looks like an interesting article on the relatively new (Oct '23)  Simplisafe CTO, Rebecca Zavin, formerly of Google. The start of the article mentions the team she leads consists of over 300 engineers! Who would have guessed?  There are many customers and potential customers alike, including me, who would jump at the chance to hear her speak on her forward-looking views on SimpliSafe products of the future and home security as a whole.

Here's a unique request: How about an SS Community webinar? Yeah, same dead horse getting a beating, again, but I think this is another priceless, golden opportunity for SS to roll out the big guns and get some inexpensive, but priceless, mileage out of their senior team. C'mon, Ms. Zavin, if you can interview for a business journal,  you can do one for all of us here in the community! Please think about it. If you do I may even pay the $4 to read the article. :-)


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