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Friday, September 16th, 2022 12:49 PM

Wireless camera- will not turn on

I had a low battery notification.  Nothing new as I rotate batteries as needed.  Less than 30 minutes later it notified it was shut down for power level.   That was new.  Changing the battery didn't bring the normal chime or any indicator blinking.  Tried a third battery- nothing.  Unlocking the faceplate and turning to lock now will either get, less frequent, IR LEDs a blink.  But more often the spotlight will flash once and go out.   Reset button for 16+ seconds does nothing.

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2 years ago

@lastcommand2000  to me sounds like a hardware issue, especially with you installing a fully charged battery.  I would call SS, go through the usual troubleshooting steps and have SS replace it under warranty.

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