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Monday, June 8th, 2020 8:01 PM

Will backup cell system work if internet cable is cut?

If a thief were to cut the cable coming into my house that provides my internet service, would the back-up cell system send any alarms to dispatch?  In this case, the wifi router would still be powered on, and the base station would still be connected to it, but it would have no communication to the outside world. Does the base station in any way verify receipt of the alarm signal with the monitoring service and switch to the cellular if it gets no reply?
The reason I ask is that my ISP recently went down (the problem was for sure on their end), but I received no notification whatsoever from the armed simplisafe system.  When I tried to connect to it via the app, it was "offline".  It obviously was not connected to the cellular backup (I presume because it still detected wifi - the router was up, just not connected to the internet).  I am 1000 miles away, so this was a little disconcerting.  I can probably test this myself when I get home, but it seems the backup cell system is of little use if a thief could just snip the coax running into your house.



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4 years ago

No, but if he then set off a sensor, it would send that signal via the cell phone.

On second thought, I don't know.  If Wi-Fi goes down, I would think it would sense it, but I don't know under what circumstances it would  sense it..

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4 years ago

I got home, and ran a test of exactly what I described above.  I disconnected the coax where it runs into the house (simulating a cut).  I checked diagnostics, internet still indicated "reachable" and cell was "disconnected".  I put it into test mode and triggered an alarm.  Before I even got back to the keypad, I received the call from the call center.  So, yes, it does connect to the cell even if the wifi is still up but not connected to the internet.  When I checked diagnostics after the test, it showed the internet as "disconnected" and the cell as "active".  Unfortunately, it seems the app will not connect to the base station in this mode, but it does send alarm signals.  So relieved about that.  I suppose it only reaches the conclusion that the internet is unreachable when it has an outgoing communication, which would probably be the daily automatic test signal assuming an alarm was not triggered earlier.

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4 years ago

Good post!
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