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Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 1:31 PM

WIFI Connection Issues with Newer Wireless Routers

Just wanted to help from my recent experience yesterday.  I replaced my 4 year old wireless router yesterday with a Netgear Nighthawk AX5200 wireless router.

After setting up the router, my camera's would no longer access the system and my keypad could not login either. The keypad kept indicating that the password is incorrect even though it was (believe me I stared at each and every letter for the password on the keypad for minutes to make sure I was not hallucinating). I tried resetting the base station, restarting the modem, unplugging the camera's and plugging them back in.....no success.

I also confirmed the wireless network was set for 2.4GHz since 5Ghz does not work......still no success.

It clicked that I had activated the new OFDMA feature for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi Bands to take advantage of the efficient data transmission.

OFDMA is a new feature of the new WiFi 6 era.  OFDMA provides high throughput and a more efficient network.

I began to think maybe the SimpliSafe system could not process this new data transmission method so I disabled it for the 2.4Ghz band.


Just a heads up to those that upgrade their WiFi system to a WiFi 6 system that includes the OFDMA feature.  Make sure this feature is disabled when setting up the router on the 2.4GHz band.  You can keep it enabled on the 5GHz band since SimpliSafe does not utilize the 5GHz band.

I believe the OFDMA is typically disabled out of the box but I obviously have not checked every vendor and model to verify so just be diligent and make sure it is not enabled if you are having connection issues and have recently purchased a WiFi 6 router.

I think it will primarily be an issue for people like me that like to take advantage of the router features and change default settings to do so.

Hope this helps someone from getting a few headaches......I took them for you yesterday!

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3 years ago

FYI, I recently purchased a Linksys MR9600 WiFi 6 mesh route to replace my 2011 router.  OFDMA is turned on by default and there isn't a switch to disable it.   I've had no issues with SimpliSafe on the 2.4GHZ band.   If someone needs to have OFDMA disabled, a call to Linksys tech support will get 'er dun.

2 years ago

I just upgraded my netgear router to a wifi 6 netgear. I'm having all kinds of wifi issues with my base station and camera. I've reset the base station by removing power & batteries multiple times. Reset the wifi, forgot the wifi network. I've even found other fixes on other forums. Nothing seems to work. I'm running dual band router that's broadcasting 2.4 & 5, same set up I was running before with my older netgear. OFDMA is turned off on my router. Simplisafe blames my ISP, told me to contact my network Administrator. I am my network Admin.
Simplisafe drops the connection & restores right away continuously all day. I have no other wifi device issues. My base station is 3 feet away from my router.
After the 2nd call to tech support they are replacing my base and my camera. System is only a month old. Sounds like it's a firmware issue with simplisafe. I'd like to see a wired network connection on the base station.

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1 year ago

I bought this same nighthawk 5200 and had problems out of the box 

I attempted to call NETGEAR but that was no help, I boxed it up & returned it to Best Buy 

I was told this was the best thing out there, after a couple of weeks I got phone call from NETGEAR asking if I needed assistance & I was like REALLY !! I told him nope that ship sailed 2 weeks ago lol 

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1 year ago

July 2022: I can confirm that OFDMA kept OUTDOOR cameras from setting up whilst INDOOR cameras functioned fine. Replaced cameras, same problem. 

I also was using a Linksys router that could not disable the feature. Putting in place a router that you can disable the feature allowed me to install an outside camera.

Note that the feature is built into the "11AX" standard. https://www.linksys.com/us/r/resource-center/what-is-ax/ That is what needs to be disabled. Often in the "802.11 mode" setting.

Simplisafe support knew none of this and had us replace the cameras in shipping. Seems that they should

A) update their devices to function with this common capability

B) inform their support people of the potential problem.

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9 months ago

These cameras are complete trash.  We bought 9 cameras and 1 failed within weeks.  We now have 5 more failures and many connectivity issues daily (yes I am on a dedicated 2G SSID)– more than half of the cameras we purchased at nearly $2000.  I contacted Simplisafe on the first failure and they walked me through all the typical troubleshooting process (I had already done it myself after some research but I entertained them).  They finally admitted the camera was defective and sent me the new one.  I have less than 50% coverage due to the 5 downed cameras than I am paying for.  These cameras are probably past their warranty and I am told I will need to purchase new ones. What!?  There is clearly connectivity issues and straight out failures as evidenced by the thousands of posts relating to these two issues.  Simplisafe keeps sweeping the issue under the rug but the technician stated that they knew an issue existed in both areas but did not have a solution.  How is Simplisafe still selling these products?  This is basically straight out fraud and we consumers deserve a better response.  Either replace my cameras or give me a full refund and then notify me when the issue is resolved.  Personally, I believe the issue is related to the cheap wireless electronics used in the camera.  How about spend 50 cents more and upgrade to 2G/5G capability.  It’s a small cost on the overall price of the camera and basically would not be noticed on such a high priced camera.


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