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Thursday, February 7th, 2019 3:42 PM

Why 2 Button on the back of Video Doorbell Pro Camera?

On the back of the Video Doorbell Pro cameras there are two recessed buttons; one larger one over the USB connector and one smaller one over the power contacts.  What are the uses for these buttons?  

In a call with tech support they had me press the big button for several seconds and it seemed to reset the camera to default (new) configuration and I then had to re-connect to my system like I did when it was new.  So what is the small button for?


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5 years ago


AFAIK it's a power reset for the doorbell itself, though I haven't pulled it apart to see exactly what the button does. It could just be a leftover from the internal Alpha testing, and they just decided to leave it there without actually having it do anything.

Just my thoughts though.

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5 years ago

Yes, at least one of the buttons is a power reset for the doorbell itself.  When I spoke to tech support while troubleshooting no video preview they said to press the button over the USB connector.  The troubleshooting instructions on the app said to hold down the "small button" over the connect contacts.  They both seemed to have similar effects, so I'm wondering what the difference is.

If we are speculating I'd guess that one is a hard reset that clears all settings to factory default while the other maybe keeps camera settings and only resets network settings allowing you to reconnect the camera.  But I'm just guessing.  It would be nice to get confirmation from SimpiSafe on the function of both buttons.

4 years ago

The small button is a kill all button, the larger one is a reset button. The rep stated that we should not press the small button unless absolutely necessary. The large button should be suffice.

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2 years ago

If I accidentally hit the kill button is it dead for good?  Do I hit it again to turn it back on?? Plz help

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Hi, it's not a 'kill' button, but a reset button. And you'd have to hold it for 16 seconds to complete a reset. So there might be something else going on with your specific unit. What other symptoms are you seeing/hearing?

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