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Sunday, July 31st, 2022 11:16 PM


Volume on outdoor video camera too soft. Can not be heard

Voices cannot be heard on video camera, especially outside. Two way conversation does NOT work. Support rep said it cannot be adjusted.  It is marketed as being able to converse with person outside

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1 year ago

Hi @boomerst3 ,

Yes, at this time, there is no way to modify the volume on the 2-way audio for the Outdoor Camera. It should still be possible to have a conversation through the camera, but it depends a lot on the environment (e.g. a windy environment, or a very large and open space would be tricky).

I have gone ahead and moved your post to the Suggestions, so that our dev team can see it. We're always hard at work on improving our systems.

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@davey_d​ Thanks. On my 2 cameras it is not possible to have a 2 way conversation at all, regardless of conditions. Most other companies have 2 way communication, so it should be something that can be done

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@boomerst3 ah, if it's extremely quiet to the point of being completely inaudible, then there might be something else that's wrong. The first that I would check is the reception that your cameras are getting from their position. Have you already used the Connection Check tool in the Camera Setttings section of the app?


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Volume wat too low for an outside camera.   Will not be effective to deter a break in if the assailant or perpetrator cannot hear it.   It's all about security isn't it?  And an effective camera volume would be better than the video itself at thwarting a potential crime in progress.    Dev team should fix this...

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11 months ago

Agreed. Volume way too low 

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6 months ago

Are there any updates on the volume problem?

I just installed an outside camera on my front porch. While I was adjusting it, my wife tried talking to me. I was right in front of it (on a ladder) and while she was audible, it was VERY low. She would have done better talking to me through the front door. I stood at the front door (~8 feet) and I kept having to ask her to talk louder to understand her, although she says I was coming through very well.

This is something that certainly needs to be fixed. It should also include filters/limiters to prevent feedback from the person inside talking.

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Hi @texasauction​, 

Right now, there is no way to change the volume of the Outdoor Camera's audio. Since you mention that the camera's audio is very quiet even when standing in front of it, something else may be going on. I would check to make sure your Outdoor Camera has a strong connection to your internet using the Connection Check tool in the Camera Settings section of the SimpliSafe app.

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Your suggested fixes do not work. Have you engineers try their own advice and they will see the worthless advice is not good 

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3 months ago

I have the same issues as well. Neither the outdoor camera nor the doorbell allows any sort of a conversation. They can hear me, but no way can I hear them. It's not the "weather", it's not my signal strength or upload speeds (they are all "Good"). They just don't work like they are advertised.

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