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Saturday, March 27th, 2021 11:18 PM

Video Doorbell

Why is it stated that the video doorbell will not work on a digital doorbell system?  There are 12 volts DC across the doorbell push button. The doorbell announces when the button is pushed.  The motion detection works.  Only the camera will not log on to my router, and the camera is wifi.  I have been working in electronics for over 50 years. I really hate describing the difference between AC and DC and why transformers don't work on DC to the Simplisafe Technical Support.   A Simplisafe Tech first told me the only requirement was power needed to be between 8-24 volts and they didn't know the difference between AC and DC or if it would make any difference.  What is unique to this camera?  Is it really necessary for me to modify the rest of my doorbell system to give AC to the camera?  Why is it impossible to talk to an electronics tech or engineer at Simplisafe?  Is it only a box store with no technical knowledge available?

It was never said why it wasn't able to work with a digital doorbell.  Is it the camera, motion detection, battery charging/power, or the actual doorbell function?  With my system, everything works except the wifi camera won't give me a flashing white light to tell me it's ready to connect to the wifi, and they blame the doorbell.  Why?

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3 years ago

My existing electronic chime was also DC which I was not expecting since I saw the AC transformer in the intercom master unit and saw SS info that it needed AC. No warning that some door chime units may be working on DC. Didn't know the intercom company rectified the AC along the way. My video doorbell camera would power up but was in what looked like a constant state of 'reboot'. I finally put a voltmeter across the existing chime button and saw it was DC. When I added a separate AC transformer, the video doorbell worked instantly. The problem with that is, I now can't turn the existing chime on even after trying to implement an AC relay solution in another forum. Trying to find that post to contact the author. The relay is placed in series with the new separate AC transformer and video doorbell camera and the contacts on the relay connect to the old button to ring the chime. The transformer will provide 8, 16, or 24 volts at 10VA. At 24V, the relay closes on it's own. At 16V, the relay chatters and at 8V it buzzes. Tried adding variable resistance in series and parallel to the relay coil to find a sweet spot where it isn't activating on it's own and the video doorbell push button WILL activate the relay. No such luck.

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2 years ago

Yes, I've found that Simpli-safe technical support...isn't either technical, or support.  They simply read the installation instructions to you. 

I think this is my problem...the system supplies DC, but simplisafe doorbell requires AC

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2 years ago

I have been frustrated these last 2 years waiting for a resolution to the video doorbell working with my digital doorbell system. I have called a number of times and I get the same response. Check back periodically for any updates. Basically no answer.  Very frustrating and poor customer service.

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