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Tuesday, October 10th, 2023 2:50 PM

Video Doorbell Pro Delay

Is this still being worked on?  Still need to call & schedule rest on my installation & havd thd doorbell camera adjusted so I see where packages are left and see the person on my porch.  But the doorbell rings and by the time I get my phone unlocked and the SimpliSafe app on and the door bell activated the person is gone or at best get a back.  This is unacceptable.

I replaced my nest which didn’t have this issue and worked beautifully until a part slipped and all I could see was the top of my roof overhang.

the way this new one is set, it is not picking up the porch so you can see proof something was left & by whom.   The delay in opening is not safe!   Same with the cameras!   C as no this be fixed?

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8 months ago

@numbersplus09​ the previous thread your responded to is specifically for the Wireless Outdoor Camera, which works completely differently from the Video Doorbell Pro. If you're seeing a huge delay on a Video Doorbell, I would suggest starting with troubleshooting connectivity issues. You can follow the guide here.

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8 months ago

I have an extender the installer with OnTech advised me to purchase; 3 actually.  On is literally on the inside wall in the same position as 2 of the cameras.   Still slow.   

An d my doorbell is less than 12 ft from the router and 1 extender.  By the time I get my phone password in, the SimpliSafe program open and the doorbell connects, whoever was ringing my doorbell is gone.    The person that went to RING, by the time the last 2 cameras are installed,  I'm already at 30 days.    I don't have another $1,000 for camera (4 + doorbell) & installation and re-do the alarms.   I want 1 company, 1 base, 1  software.     Why are the needs/requirements about locations of routers, etc... not stated BEFORE the sale?

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@numbersplus09​ The thread you initially posted this comment in was regarding the Outdoor Camera. The Video Doorbell Pro works differently than the Outdoor Camera, so I moved your comment into this thread created to help troubleshoot your doorbell's connection. 

As previously mentioned by Davey, have you already tried testing the Video Doorbell's connection using this guided flow? If you have and it did not help, please let me know so we can troubleshoot further.

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