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Sunday, November 14th, 2021 8:45 PM

video doorbell button doesn't work

installing new video doorbell to existing system. It rings my doorbell as I set it in the fastened base but the button does not ring my doorbell. Even when I slide it into place, button doesn't work.
I also was not getting a blinking white ring so I waited 20 minutes, thinking the button would then work. Then I was getting the blinking yellow ring. Which says it is not connecting to my internet.
I haven't done anymore until the button works.

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2 years ago

Hi griffiwr,

I'm a little bit confused about what's going on here. So you have the mounting bracket installed, and when you slot the main camera piece into it, pressing the button doesn't ring the doorbell chime inside the house?

The mounting bracket is only really a connector piece. So it makes sense that when the main camera piece is removed from it, pressing the button shouldn't do anything. But when the unit is placed into the mount, pressing the doorbell should generate a tone.

The blinking white light indicates that the unit is in setup mode - which is the first thing you should see when the unit is powered for the first time. But if you never got that, you can reset it by pressing the Reset Button in the back (above the USB port) for 16 seconds. When you release and mount the camera back on the bracket, it should reboot into setup mode.
You can then try setting up on the SimpliSafe app.

- Davey D.
Community Development Manager
SimpliSafe Home Security
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