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Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 9:08 PM

Video Door Bell Pro Front Cover - There are two other colors

If you order the Video Doorbell Pro from Amazon.com it comes with three front covers - one White, one Jade and one Obsidian.  You only receive the white front cover if you order from SimpliSafe.  I doubt Jade is very popular but I would imagine the Obsidian would outsell the White if it were offered with your choice of front cover color. I thought others might be interested in this small detail.

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3 months ago


Am I able to just order the obsidian color face plate for the video doorbell?  I don’t need the whole doorbell.  Just the obsidian colored faceplate.  

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@cenepeed​ a long time ago, we used to offer three faceplate options as a retail exclusive. That is, you'd have to purchase from one of our retail partners (i.e. Best Buy) to get them. We do not keep alternate faceplates in stock.

However, the white faceplate that your Video Doorbell Pro comes with is easily removable. If you like, you can simply remove the faceplate and spraypaint it any color that you like (don't worry, if anything goes wrong with the video doorbell in the future, modifying the face plate won't stop us from being able to send you a replacement camera).

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